Trade Show Promotions

Trade Show, Fairs & Expos Giveaway Promotions

The promotional product you can hand deliver while speaking to your potential customer, is the one they will keep, use, and remember.

Before producing a Trade Show Promotion or Promotional Giveaway, determine who your promotion will be targeting, and what type of promotional item they will find appealing and useful.  Practical, useful promotional items have longevity; by their very nature yield an impressive return on investment.  Weigh your options and align yourself with a Promotional Product company that understands the promotional message you’re trying to deliver.
White Cap Promos  in Tampa, Florida can assist you in determining which products are best suited for your trade show promotions and promotional giveaways.  Contact us to learn how you can promote your business with trade show Promotional Products & Giveaways.

Trade Show Promotional Product & Promotional Giveaway Suggestions

  1. Single Use Promotional Items – Avoid “Single Use” Promotional Items unless they are part of a larger promotional effort.
  2. Exciting Promotional Products -Create Exciting Promotional Products that will excite your targeted audience; something they want and will use, and something they will give to someone else to use.
  3. Crossover Promotional Marketing – Combine Forces with Non-Competitors and associates who are targeting your demographic, but who offer different services.
  4. Special Custom Shapes & Sizes Promotions – Whenever possible take advantage of vendors offering Promotional Products in custom molded shapes and sizes, e.g., Custom Molded USB Flash Drives

Additionally… you should also know that many people walk trade shows and collect all the free promotional items they can carry; inexperienced decision makers especially.  This may sound harsh but these promotional product hoarders should never be your targeted audience.  With the exception of the free promotional tote bags they’ve picked up, most of what seemed colorful and interesting to them at the time will be discarded as trash within a short period of time.