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custom usb flash drivesIn today’s world of technology and information overload, it’s important for us to deduce what is useful and what can be deleted/thrown away. The same can be said when it comes to producing marketing and promotional products for your company. A sound marketing executive will adapt the disposition of his or her targeted audience; the end user, or recipient of a company’s promotional giveaway. Understanding the mentality of who you plan to give your promotional item to is just as important as what it is you’re giving them.  Ask yourself… “Will my targeted audience use this promotional item, or will they throw it away”?  You obviously want them to use it, or at least give it to someone that they know will use it. USB Flash Drives, or “Jump Drives” have a high rate of owner retention and sharing … here’s why.

Roughly 68% of Americans use computers for work and most have some form of external storage device such as a USB Flash Drive.  A USB Flash Drive does not get thrown away.  It can be used over and over unless it’s damaged (which is hard to do). USB Flash Drives are used to store files such as photos and other data, but best of all they’re used to share information and files which in theory creates more exposure for your brand, which is why custom USB Flash Drives are exceptionally powerful.

Furthermore, custom USB Flash Drives are small; they’re easy to ship and will likely provide more company exposure than any other promotional product in its price range.

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